Final Fantasy 12
Just set up pcsx2 0.9.8 and my final fantasy 12 runs fine but sometimes it just pauses itself randomly, like I had clicked the start button. Seems to occur when i move the controller around

I'm using my real disc to load the game.

Any ideas?

I'm using a PS3 controller through the usb with motionjoy.

The libusb link that the topic here gives (below) my antivirus won't allow me to open, although this seems to work just fine.

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I'd suggest making an ISO image and running that (use imgburn to create it)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Make an iso out of your disc and play with it.
I figured out the issue, accidentally set my start to some slider thing, must have clicked it accidentally before I clicked start. I should have noticed that before making a topic, sorry. The configuration is weird after you do the initial setup.

Haven't had any delay issues so far but I'm only about 15 minutes into it, I will make an ISO of it though, thank you for the tip.

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