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Final Fantasy 12 IZJS - Keyboard

I have had psx2 emulator for sometime now. Have been playing Star Ocean: Til the end of time. I haven't had any problems.

Recently I wanted to play Final Fantasy 12. So, I downloaded both the US version and the newer International Zodiac Job System. Along with this I downloaded the Patcher.

I extracted both .iso into the same folder as the patcher. Then I executed the command prompt for making the new .ISO
There were no problems.
However, after setting up PAD1. I cannot use the left analog keys to scroll through my game menu's. I cannot change from NEW GAME to LOAD GAME.
Or in combat switch from attack to items or even spells.

IS this a problem with the .ISO I made or is this a problem with psx2.

If anyone know's good downloads for FF!2 that would be great. All I need is a good copy of both the English version and the INJS. the Patcher I have is the official patch so it should finish everything.

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Read our rules,specifically rule #1. Thread closed.
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