Final Fantasy 12 - Missing menus in battle mode
Hello Ohmy,

I'm playing FF12 with the last version of PCSX2 with cheat codes and when i am in battle mode, there is some menus that doesn't appear under magic.

Actually, there is only "Black and White magics / Techniques" , there is no "Time, Arcane, Green etc" menus.

I do have all the spells and skills, though i got them by using the cheat "All skills and spells". Do you think that the cheat codes might be the cause of the problem ?


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maybe. why cheat and ruin the game? plus your cheats could mess things up

do the following:-
1) disable cheats
2) when sure it's disabled save the game properly (not save state)
3) close the emulator, restart it and run the game
4) load the saved game
5) play the game, level up and do what u have to do to normally get any new menu for magic
6) see if it available in a battle
Hi, nope, still no change. That'll teach me for being lazy Sad(
then u have to start a new gameSad

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