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Final Fantasy 12 coarse text textures
When I play with FF12 the texture of written texts is kinda coarse, when I switch to native resolution though it fixes the prob. but I dont want to play ff12 with native res. 'coz it looks awful, are some of you experiencing this things too? you can see it in my attached file...

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What graphic plugin you you Using ?
(06-01-2009, 10:34 AM)nelsonz Wrote: What graphic plugin you you Using ?

gsdx1285 im using xp/dx9 btw... i also tried gsdx 0.1.7 but just the same
Unless you cant actually read it (which youd need to be blind not to) i dont see why its such a problem, lets be honest, it would be even more coarse on a real ps2.
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I agree ...
FF12 had coarse text, sorry, but you're not getting anything better
oh i see, well im not really complaining it's just that i thought i was the only one experiencing this thing, ok thanks
searching usually gives you some idea if it's an emulation problem, or normal. (lots of emu problems, but none I've found too troubling, also, none in FFX-12 that hindered anything)

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