Final Fantasy 12 graphic problem
Hi everyone, this is my first post in the forums! I seem to have a kind of graphic bug when trying to emulate ff12. Parts of textures appear to be empty or missing and you only see empty polygons through them. The frame rate is pretty good, i'm not having a problem with my pc specs (dual core at 3Ghz, ati 4890 1 gm gpu, 4 gb ram etch.) just an occasional bit of a slowdown during cut-scenes.

I'm using these settings on Pcxs2:

PCXS2 0.9.6
GSdx 890 (SS41) - Directx10 hardware, texture filtering checked
No speedhacks, no change in CPU settings as well as advanced settings.

Any idea what might be off?

Thanks! Smile

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We all have that problem,you can switch to software mode if it's bothering you by pressing F9,if you want to return on back to hardware press F9 again.Sowftware might be a little slower.But everithin is there
get the latest beta as well. 0.9.6 is really outdated

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