Final Fantasy 12 issue with cutscenes
Basically put, I've got the Final Fantasy 12 "international zodiac job system" edition.

The game runs perfectly on my computer with Pcsx2, however cutscenes cause a huge problem. From what I've played so far, most cutscenes run very choppy and 'skippy', if you see what I mean, and I've no idea why. I've tried messing with all of the settings, turning off/on all speedhacks, CPU options, etc. and nothing works. (Alternatively, I can turn off the frame skip, but then cutscenes run painfully slowly) Even stranger is that it doesn't seem to be consistent; parts of cutscenes run choppy but then some parts run perfect. It's even more strange considering I played the standard FF12 some time ago with the same version of pcsx2, same plugins, and the cutscenes were fine. (Annoyingly, I can't find the standard edition anywhere)

Anyone got any advice on how to fix this? It's annoying, because apart from the cutscenes it runs full speed all of the time.

Thanks in advance.

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sorry for offtopic but can you tell me in what language voice actors speak? Japanese or english?

As for your question, i finished FF12 normal edition on PCSX2 and i had the same skippy videos, tried it on my different versions of emulators and different gsdx revisions and nothing helped it.
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HOW ABOUT THE GAME FIXES?Did you try them there is one specially made for FF12 also in GSDX check NLOOP HACK
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NLOOP hack is for FFX, not FF12, and it's not a hack per se so much as it is actually how it's supposed to work.
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