Final Fantasy 12 video
the videos from the game don't play correctly.
I'm playing the game with a resolution of 1920x1080. When i change to native resolution the video are well.
When I use resolution 1920x1080 video are not good but ingame is very well.
So I searched over the internet to find what's going on and i saw that there is a CRC fix.
But I don't know what I must do. If anyone can Help me?
My config:
Core2Duo E8400
P5WDH deluxe
4GB PC2 6400
Radeon 4890X2

My game: Final Fantasy 12 - SLES 54355 - CRC = 0xE5E71BF9
I'm using PCSX2

Sorry for my english I'm french. Unsure

Thank you.

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Known bug, nothing can be done except run it in native.
Wow ok.
Now I'm sad...

There's a hack in GSdx for this..

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