Final Fantasy Dirge Of Cerberus [ Steam Deck ]
Hello everyone, this is my first post, so I apologize if this is incorrectly placed.

I am attempting to play Final Fantasy Dirge Of Cerberus on my Steam Deck using pcxs2, and I cannot get the right analog stick to function as the camera.

pcsx2 does not recognize any attempt to map controls within the program itself. I am using a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and clicking in to map a button results in nothing when the button is pressed on the controller. The controller works flawlessly everywhere else, and can even be used within pcsx2 to exit the program.

The Steam Deck has mappable controls within itself, but none of the options for the right analog stick seem to function as a camera control as the right analogue stick should function.

Any ideas why this is, or what I'm missing?

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