Final Fantasy X

i have a big problem i came in the tempel mallacani

so in the tempel is a big battle with simor and wen i win the battle than crush the emulator

can where help me

[Image: probj.jpg]

thats my system

cpu amd phenom™ 8550 triple core 2.20 Ghz
4 GB Ram
Ati Radon 3400 serie 256 mb
realtek sound karte

i hope my english is unterstandly

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I'll quote ellachen0417 which helped me a lot on this :

Make sure you set EE Rec clamping mode to FULL and the VU Rec clamping mode to extra + preserve sign so that some of the later parts will not be glitched (i.e. controls are reversed in the airship's upper deck, and in some of the cloister trials/some bosses and monsters are facing backwards esp. *removed for spoiler Wink* ). It will also fix the random crashes later on (specially after Yuna's sending @ kilika).

Respond if it worked or not so others can gain from your experience.

EDIT - My settings :

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CPU : Intel i7-2600K
GPU : nVidia Geforce GTX 970
OS : Windows 8.1 x64
RAM : 16GB Corsair Vengance DDR3
PCSX2 : Constantly changing.
I had the same problem the last days and try to fix it with your help AtlasRedux but it didnt work for me. So i load the new beta r1888 with direct x11 and it works perfectly and it looks even better now.

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