Final Fantasy X
Hello everyone, I am curios, if anyone is having problems with final fantasy x on r3878, because the game keeps freezing for about a second with static audio every few minutes. It is extremely annoying. I switched back to r3113, and it seems to work fine. It happens maybe twice an hour on r3113. I would like to know if it is the new version or if it is the video plugin i am using that is the problem. I also tried ripping it to the hard drive from a clean disc

Here are my computer specs:

Windows seven operating system

Intel core 2 duo laptop 2.13 Gigahertz
3 Gigs DDR3 RAM

here is my configuration

no, this does not relate to the thread i posted yesterday

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The latest version works fine. So its something in your settings or your laptop thats causing your problems. The only thing I could see when glancing over your pics is the "negative" round mode, Im not sure if this is the cuase but the game should work fine with default. You could also try "normal" clamping mode, it should work fine on "none" in most cases but give it a try.
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i figured out the problem. it was the video plugin that came with r3878, i switched back to gsdx 3068 from r3113 and the problem dissappeared.

Thanks for replying anyway.

also, i had round mode set to negative because some enemies face backwards if it is not set to 'negative'

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