Final Fantasy X
Whats the best version to use for playground and how do i get it as ive tryed the latest ones and they just dont work for ffx, 563 and 609 versions. Im using official playground version atm and it works to a degree, but during the intro when u see them at the camp fire there ok for the first few seconds then they all flicker like mad. I would like to know what settings to use and which plugins and playground versions are best with this game.


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Use the default configuration for pcsx2 and setup the plugins according to the guides.
Flickering can happen when you (accidentally?) enabled frameskip or vuskip, so if unsure just delete the pcsx2pg.ini and reconfigure the emu.
Ah thats the issue i had to delete the ini for the beta to work with ffx. Thx. Smile

Btw any tips on plugins and settings to use to get good performance i mean its playable as is now but if i can get anything more out of it would be sweet. Smile

AMD x2 3800+ oc to 2.6ghz
2gb ddr
x1950pro agp 512mb 8.12drivers (set to optimal performance mode)

Using 563version of beta
cpu section all ticked and got limit framerate to 60/40/0/1
er ill fill the other config stuff when i have more time.
Use speedhacks. But with that pc, it would be amazing if you get 80 fps.
Why would i want 80?

30+ would do me. Alot of the time its 40+ which is nice enough just a fairly rare it dips below into the 20s which is what i want to avoid, the scene isnt complex at all as one sec it could be fine one sec it might not be. Its very short when that happens its very playable atm just like i said any other special things apart from speedhacks and cpu stuff cos done em that might help at all. Dont want to lower internal res of gfx below 1000x1000 tho cos it looks crap then.
the standard speed for PAL is 50fps and for NTSC 60fps

to run at full speed, the game needs to run at those frames. anything slower than that and the entire game slows down.
30fps would result in running the game at half speed. the sound and the movement would be slowed down to that rate. anything lower than 50fps on an ntsc game is very hard to play. 40 is allready unplayable, and 30 or even 20 is just anoying.

trust me, 30 wouldn't "do you" Smile
its ok pc, some FPS dropdowns with summoning, but i've beat FFX on AMDx2 3800+ @2.35GHz
ALso I i have your problem with the newest gdsx The tek and magic how fire ,antima and other slow down fps to 8. While the game go also 50 fps everytime. What is the problem of newst gdsx? With gdsx 1.7 the game run correctly withouth this problem!
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