Final Fantasy X
Hello everyone, i am Santiago. I really dont know much about pc's, but when a friend told me that there were a program to play play station 2 in the pc i couldnt belive it. First of all, thanks to everyone who make this posible!!

Ok, as the title says, i want to play Final Fantasy X in mi pc. And as i told, i am not really good with pc's. So i wanted to ask if i am able to play with my pc. Searching in google, i found that i have a Windows XP, Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.20GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, and a 512 MB video card (GeForce 7200 GS). It is possible to me to play this game?

Hope someone can help me, i really love the other Final Fantasy games, and i would be very grateful. And if someone can help, what i have to download from in order to play?
The last thing is the game. I have a friend that has it, but i dont know what verrsion on the game he has. It can be any version? or is preferable a particular one?


PD: Sry for my english, i am not really good..

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Your CPU should be powerfull enough to run the game on decent speeds. You need the emulator, all the plugins (which come in package with the emulator), the game, and the bios, that you need to dump from your PS2 console. I dont know the exact link with instructions on how to do that, but i'm sure someone here will point you in the right direction. 2.2ghz dual core is a bit of a stretch, but the game ran fine on my 2.0ghz c2duo, so there shouldn't be a problem. As for the game version, I have NTSC, but i belive PAL works to.
Thanks very much! Hope someone else can help me configuring the emulator. But thanks begedin, is good to hear that my pc can run FFX with pcsx2 emulator.
i would tell you my config, but i've completed the game on 0.9.5 beta, and my configuration has changed since then. sinc my original disc is at a friend, and i dont have an image, i cant really test it...
If you're not good with PCs I suggest you better use your PS2. To emulate you need a minimum of knowledge to at least solve basic problems on your own.

There's a guide on how to configurate the emulator. If you don't understand it, again, I suggest you stick to your PS2, your PC is not fast enough to run most games, and I'm sure you'll have a hard time setting things right.
Configuration guide:
That should be all you need Wink
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks a lot Bositman. Tomorrow i am getting the game so then i will tell you how it works. But as stpdrgstr said, my pc is not that good so i would like to ask you (if you know) for a configuration that let me run better the game. Just if you know.. I dont care much about the graphics nor the sound, but i do care (if possible) about the speed. Well hope you can help me. Hope you can help me, and if you dont, do you know where i can get a little help?

PD: What is pcsx2 playground? I read ir somewhere and i had curiosity
Bositman is not a noob guide here. U could've just search for config.
this should work fine
Or you could just experiment around on your own.
Old habits die hard - System Shock
Sry Wacko.. anyway, thanks both for the help and suggestions..

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