Final Fantasy X-2

First, sorry if i use a bad english but i'm french Smile

I have finish FFX with pcsx2 (beta) without any bug or crash but now i want to play at Final fantasy X-2 (pal) and at the begining of the game i have two black bands and my game is slow i test pcsx2 0.97(r3113) but same result

Thank you,

My configuration


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Wrong forum, not a bug report. Press F9 to switch to software mode of GSdx to fix most of that.
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What Bositman said, but be warned - the FMVs still run extremely slow - the quickest I could get was about 35fps and the audio was waaaay out of sync with it. Best bet is to disable the FMVs and just watch them on youtube instead.
the FMV of FFx-2 is really bug and there is no way to fix it yet so u can just watch it on youtube..

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