Final Fantasy X-2 Cutscenes (Workaround)
This isn't a thread about how the cutscenes don't work properly cause we all know they don't. While I wish I had a true solution to this plight, I have thought of an easy workaround.

This site has the FMVs in .avi format available for download freely. While the quality isn't 100%, it is certainly better to watch these than a movie with weird lines throughout or at half speed. So, turn off your sound and watch the appropriate video. Like I said, much better than suffering through a busted video in-game.

P.S. Thanks for the stellar work PCSX2 team. You guys are doing awesome so far. Looking forward to your next release!

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Yeh we usually recommend watching them on youtube or somewhere else for the slowdown problem, for the other problem is just a matter of using the (Software) renderer in GSdx or just pressing F9 while playing.

Just BTW they work properly as soon as your PC is fast enough to not get the slowdown Tongue2
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enabling the FFX fix works for the lines as well
(07-16-2010, 02:55 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: Just BTW they work properly as soon as your PC is fast enough to not get the slowdown Tongue2

Is the usual 3GHZ enough for them to run smoothly or do they need something higher?
3GHZ Dual Core will do the trick... actually I can play FFX at pretty decent enough speeds (45-50fps) on my old laptop and thats only a core2duo @2.66GHZ.. only slows down to snail pace during fmv/cutscenes.. but I did manage to get them up to normal speed with a gfx pluggin and some speed hacks.. 4get which.. will check my settings when I get home from work.. and that only has a 512mb ATI radeon X1600 and 2GB DDR2 of ram in it..
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I realize this is an old thread and this may be documented elsewhere but I have found that a combination of the EE timing hack in game fixes and the mvu flag hack in speed hacks (no others needed) while running in software mode will allow the cut scenes to run at 60fps (assuming your cpu is around 3ghz) since I spent 30 minutes playing with it I thought it would be a worthy mention for anyone who found this via google.

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