Final Fantasy X-2 Editor
for FFX-2 i have successfully cracked its Checksum and few other things

1. obtained items and their amounts
2. obtained accessories and their amounts
3. character hp/mp and other stat data such as (str, def...etc)
- but for this one i don't know why editing the values of str,def,magic...etc in savedata doesn't apply to the game itself once read by the game
4. obtained dressphere
5. currenting equipped dressphere, accessories, exp/exp til next level, garment grid
6. obtained garment grid

im trying to identify key items offset in the save, but i can't seem to find it Wacko
can someone point me to the right direction Laugh?
* character names in FFX-2 isn't "encoded", it is hard-coded

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Sorry I can't help you out, but I'd just like to say thanks for doing this!
Wait do you mean like you did it manually? or you codebreaker d it out?
The main topic for this program can be found here.

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