Final Fantasy X-2 FMV
Sorry if this has been answered already, but im really tired, so the quick look through the search function availed me nothing, and im hoping someone will have answered this by morning.

Is their a patch/gamefix that will stop the fluttering of the screen during the opening, (and i assume all) FMV/'s. The speed of 40 fps i can deal with for the opening movie, but the skipping screen thing is killing me.

If not it doesn't matter, because i can just watch them on youtube or something.

Thanks in advance!

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F9 while playing preferably in the latest beta, I'd watch them in youtube instead since the sound will be very bad if you only get 40FPS too.
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That works thank, and also, i've noticed that every now and then during battles the game will freeze. The audio still plays (as in the battle music) but nothing else. This is sometimes accompanied by a blue-ish screen.

I have a few speedhacks on if thats the problem
Well try without them Tongue2

Show us your settings so we can help better.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
speedhaks aren't the problem with that, and if you know the menus you can SOMETIMES still continue anyway if you hear the confirm sounds it will let you finish
When the game freezes, i can't do anything, the music still plays but it wont let me do anything, sometimes theres the blue screen and sometimes there isn't

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