Final Fantasy X-2 Pal Cheats
Hello! I'm new here so if i posted this topic in a bad section I apologize.
Has someone have cheats for this version of FFx-2? I can't find them on web and on this forum there aren't too. I saw the guide how to create cheats witch PCSX2CE but i'm not good at it ( I don't have the ID of FFX-2 pal version to create raw codes in omniconvert ).
Can someone give me cheats to this game or create them ? Please help
(My english could be bad because i'm Polish guy and I have only 13 years old...)

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Cheats for what?
There is also FFX-2 save editor
Ok i downloaded it but how can i use it ? when i try to open celsius.exe i've got a problem with report send
There is another editor but he requires something else.
This editor requires Net Framework 2.0 to be installed(and something else that you probably have,otherwise you won't able to use the newest pcsx2)
And the other editor requires Java to be installed.
Ok i'm going to download it but before it tell me , i have to paste Celsius folder ( save editor ) to somewhere?
EDIT: when I ended installing it i've got :
Setup cannot continue because of the version of the .Net framework is incompatible with a previously installed one. So I don't have to install it ?
probably you need to update your .net framework. Why don't you try to make a patch file for the game.
just take the patches and make file 'crc'.pnach in the cheats/ folder.
Already I'm trying to do the second save editor. The java one.
It doesn't work to me because when i'm using the mymc i can't import because there is a problem : save file already present. I don't know what to do
Mymc can't overwrite existing saves.
1.After exporting the save,make a backup of it so it you mees up your save by editing it,you will have a backup of it.
2.After editing and saving your save,select your save from the memory card(using mymc)and use File=>Delete to delete the save(as I said,mymc can't overwrite saves,you need to delete the old one to be able to place another save inside)and then import your save.
I have to export this and after that edit it ? ( by that java cheat ) ?
You have to export your save,edit it with the save editor(one of those two editors),then save the changes to the save.After that delete your save from the memory card like I told you and import the edited save

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