Final Fantasy X-2 crash
Hi, I've currently been using the emulator to play FFX-2 and it's been working fine (getting 60 fps around).

But when I reach the part where Yuna goes to save Barthello at Kilika Temple the games freezes right after I beat the fiend.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I had the same problem with FFX and I tweaked the settings allowing me to play through the part, but that was with the old version of pcx2.

My specs are
AMD Anthlon 7850 Dual Core processor
2.80 GHZ
4gb memory
64 bit
Windows 7
NVDIA Geforce 8800 gts

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PCSX2 settings? plugin settings? any kind of error in the log window when you get the problem?
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"right after I beat the fiend."

this could possibly be caused by a scratch on your disc that you made your ISO from. check your disc for scratches or try re ripping the ISO with a different program. IMGBurn is recommended, but i also use UltraISO at times too.

If it is a scratch that is still read when making your ISO regardless of the program and your still getting the freeze, try getting a FFX-2 save editor and moving your storyline progress forward (this is assuming the FFX-2 save editor works in a similar way to FFXED, which i used to bypass a scratch on my FX disc, since i have not looked at the FFX-2 save editors yet)
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