Final Fantasy X-2 problem
Hi I've got a problem in the cutscene after beating Lucil in Ch5, I think my CD may have been scratched too many times and the rip I made is somehow just missing some data. After she goes on for a bit about the history of Youth League it crashes... Is there anyone who can download my savestate and just make a new save/mem card file after the cutscene?

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is it better if i provide a link/upload to my memcard file?
A memcard would be more useful since people need to have almost identical settings/versions as you do for the state to load.
Also you didn't mention the region of the game, which is important
[Image: newsig.jpg]

Have the Greatest Hits version of FFX-2

Just go forward and hold on to attack for 7 fights, save, give back =D

hope people actually have this version =/
Here... loaded fine with the normal US version.

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