Final Fantasy X-2 settings
hi, I've recently started using pcsx2 and I've now started playing FFX2 but the problem is that the fps goes up to 50 only, which is playable but i still don't get the 'playstation' speed feel. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what settings I should use and btw, I've played many other games at 50-60 fps with ease.
my laptop specs are (yes, im using a laptop so please don't tell me that i shouldn't do that):

Windows 8 64bit
Hard drive: 1tb
8gb ram
graphics card: intel HD graphics 4000

p.s i also want to mention that if i disabled the frame limiting... the fps goes beyond 150 wtf?

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Are you using the PAL version? If so, that's just how it is. Most PAL games run at 50fps only. If it's not a PAL version, but mistakenly detected as one, change the FrameratePAL entry inside the pcsx2_vm.ini (located in the ini directory within the PCSX2 directory) from 50.00 to 59.94.

Don't forget to change it back to 50.00 when playing actual PAL games.
Which CPU do you have and keep in mind that the Intel HD is a terrible Graphics card for PCSX2, even though you can indeed run FFX and/or FFX-2. Also if you indeed have the PAL version, it runs on 50 FPS, whereas the NTSC (US) runs on 60 fps, not much that you can do about that, besides the trick that Eloris posted.
Haha, I think Eloris is right! I think I do have the PAL version :/ btw I have an intel i5 processor...completely forgot to mention that. Also, how come NTSC games run 10 fps faster than PAL games?
That's because of the TV refresh rates.
In europe, pal/secam format is 50hz. Whereas it's 60hz in the rest of the world.
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Put simply, it's because the PAL television standard (or more correctly 576i) is defined as having a refresh rate of 50hz and is used in Europe and some other parts of the world, as opposed to 60hz for NTSC which is used in North America and Japan primarily. Additionally, PAL also has a higher vertical resolution, resulting in letterboxing and a squished looking image in lazy localizations.
Some PAL games do have the ability to either switch to NTSC output at 60hz or use a variation of PAL output at 60hz, and depending on the game it might also be possible to patch it via cheat codes, but I'm not sure how well that actually works. Look for PAL->NTSC codes if you want to give that a try.
Nowadays the new tv's doesn't really make any difference between PAL and NTSC, they support both.

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