Final Fantasy X Blackout
Hi all, Im new to PCSX2, but so far its been great.

Ive encountered my first major bug though; after the "sending" FMV, I get the short conversation as normal - then the screen fades out for the "sleeping" and I can hear the sound that means theyre resting, and then the ambiance music starts up. But the screen is still black.

Ive tried running around and pressing menu buttons but nothing works - all I get is a black screen and ambient beach sounds.

Ive tried this on two different computers, with bagillions of different plugin variations and different options selected (gdsx, zerogs)... but I just keep getting the black out.

Any idea's?

(Im running PCSX 0.9.6 and I have FFX Pal. [sces 50490])

EDIT; I fixed the problem by googling for older versions of pcsx2. I ended up downloading 0.9.4 and it loaded up the next scene correctly.

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