Final Fantasy X CGI Problem
I justed started using 0.9.7 svn 3119 and must say it is a lot better than 0.9.6. Final Fantasy X runs better and got rid of the hair glitches, awesome. Well now I am having problems with the CGI. 3/4 of the screen is grey lines. The rest is normal CGI. I have tried switching between diffrent interlaces. Even tried software mode.

GSDX 3068 SSE4
0.9.7 SVNr3119
Direct3dhardware - 1280x720
Software Mode - 1290x720.

CGI problems Final Fantasy X

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There is a special gamefix for FFX in 0.9.7. Check it
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Good timing, I was just about to make a thread about this as well. I see the option in the game fixes tab, giving it a try. Thanks!

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