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Final Fantasy X Editor (v2.0.3)
This thing looks cool. I wrote a save editor for FFX, which is pretty primitive compared to editing the memory of PCSX2. Your program will make it much more easy for people that use the emulator to edit FFX.

If anyone is interested, they can find my program here:

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hi i can.t work your prog can u helop me
(07-29-2009, 08:58 AM)che Wrote: hi i can.t work your prog can u helop me
i cannot help if you do not tell me what exactly is not working
@ZHawk, the last time I hacked FF X I had some problems (not with your prog XD)
the weapon variables are combined of two or more values
1. for design and which character it belongs to IIRC
2. for the abilitys there are more slots than possible in the game it worked up to 6 or 7 slots for me (offense and defense abilitys are working)
3. Ultimates are saved somhow different didn't find the right spot for em -.-

about the key Items... how did you manage to get them to work I succeded in filling the slots in the key item inventory which was not hard but they aren't working ... it just looks like I have em
Chicken is not Vegan?

The key items are annoying because in some cases there are multiple flags that need to be edited just to get a single item to work. The Celestial Mirror, for example, requires 6 flags to be edited. One to get it to appear in the menu, one to make sure you don't get the Cloudy Mirror from the race, three to complete that sidequest with the family in the woods, and one to let you actually use the Celestial Mirror. Primers require two flags, one to get it to appear and another to get it to actually do something. It's weird.

For equipment, it goes like this:
-2 bytes for the name
-1 byte to say if it exists or not
-1 byte to signify special properties (for celestial weapons and Brotherhood)
-1 byte for the character it can be equipped to
-1 byte for type (weapon or armor)
-1 byte for who it is currently equipped to
-1 empty byte?
-1 byte for the weapon damage formula
-1 byte for weapon attack
-1 byte for the weapon critical hit percent
-1 byte for the amount of Auto-Ability slots
-2 bytes for the model that the equipment uses (what it looks like)
-8 bytes for the Auto-Abilities

This is what the Masamune looks like, as an example:
weapon data consists of 22 information. 5 of them i still do not understand. (thanks fuzzymillipede now i know them)
adding more slots is not difficult but see no option to add abilitys as there are no data slots left to do so.

some are working only by setting one flag (eg: crest + sigil) others ar not.
bzw: i am setting 3 flags for Primers. the two fuzzymillipede mentioned + amount.

the weapon name is not unique. the weapon is determined by the character it can be equipped to + name
(07-29-2009, 07:54 PM)ZHawk Wrote: the weapon name is not unique. the weapon is determined by the character it can be equipped to + name

Correct. If you look at my program, you will see that it switches the list of equipment names when you change the equip character.
I have tested the editor in both Vista 64 bit and XP 32 bit and i get the same problem.

I have the US(NTSC) version of FFX, and are using Pcsx2 0.9.6.

When i start the editor and press reload all the numbers are wrong and some of them are very big.

If I press Save i get the error msg "Some variables in Characters Tab Tidus are incorrect and marked Red. Please fix them".

If I fix them to the same as ingame i get an error for valefor. After i fixed them i can save.

I can now change the HP and MP for a character but loads of other things changes too. I get loads of s.lvls, all my abilitys are gone.
If I change the AP you got til next level my overdrive gets maxed and emptyed. And after every battle I fight a Aeon adds to my character list, so I can siwtch in an Aeon to my formation and fight with it insted of a character Smile

When i change the items and gil nothing happens.
i have been working lately on weapon modification and improving the data detection but had not that much time.

current progress:
- weapon modification (70%):
partly works but still missing many names: copy & paste hundreds of names Sad
- data detection (done):
will work on ntsc and should also work on any other version too
- battles (20%):
change enemy hp or instant kill him
There is a ton of data on all the spells, skills, etc that your program can edit. You can edit almost anything about any ability in the game. Check this page for more info:

I would like to see your editor be able to edit that stuff.

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