Final Fantasy X Ending Scene Problem
well like in the title said i have a problem with the last scene of the game...the ending know...beating yu-yevon, the cutscene with auron, the scene with tidus and the staff rolls down, then a scene with tidus and then
there comes the screen with "Ende" /"The End" and i can do nothing...o.O
the music seems to run normal, but the track to zanarkand(piano version) doesnt stop and there is no button i should press...
anyone an idea?
i saved the state before i closed the program, so i don´t have to do all these fights again...
i have no error messages in my log, just the normal things that come when the program runs fine...o.O
i´m using pcsx2 0.9.7 beta (the 0.9.8 seemed to be slower on my laptop)
and it would be really nice if someone could be so kind and post a problem solution ^^"

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What would you like to happen then? Game over, the end, it's pretty self explanatory Tongue
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Well, to summarize:

Square games usually end with a "game over" or "the end" screen, in which you would sit through and congratulate yourself on beating the game around a decade ago. Upon reset, nothing changes, and you can pick any save file from where you have normally saved.

For example, here's an ending to another Square game: and at the end you can see one of those screens.

So, you've beat the game. Don't insert a quarter to continue. You have no credits, go walk away and play another game.

EDIT: I DO have a suggestion, though! We should have a special gamefix for all of the Square games allowing us to get past that screen - it's incredibly frustrating when I can get a newgame+ on the console because I can press R1+R2+L1+L2+Start+Select all at the same time to get past that screen and back into the title screen, whereas I cannot skip the screen on the emulator, making it so I can't start a new game - and I could swear it wouldn't save my progress if I reset. Thanks.

Just to clarify, the above text isn't serious.
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I have everything...
The shoulder buttons + select and start sequence works on the emulator. It's part of the game code.

And yes, that's the end. Turn off the console (or emulator) and go to sleep.
lol damn...XD so i wasted nearly an hour...-.-" so it means i can only kill the dark aeons and stuff before beating sin...which means the last "bossfights" become something like 1-hit-kills after i killed the hard bosses..o.O XD
thanks @ everyone ^^
Mmm, no, you can do all that after beating sin, the point of no return is quite deep inside sin and is very obvious.
FFX loops back to the intro some time after "The End" on the actual console.

FFX doesn't have new game+
just like with FF8, new game plus can only be triggered using hacks
It seems he has never played FFX on PS2 (or maybe he does but not to the end).

(06-29-2011, 07:26 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: FFX loops back to the intro some time after "The End" on the actual console.

I remember the screen turned black after the orchestra version of Suteki da Ne and nothing happened then. After waiting for 10 mins I had to reset the console.

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