Final Fantasy X First Battle Crash
Hello there folks,

I recently found a copy of FFX in a second hand store and thought I'll have a nice time.
And since my PS2 is buried somewhere in a box (just moved two weeks ago), I thought I should try out the pcsx2 program I've heard a lot about.

Now I have the problem that I cannot get over the first battle in the game (the ones with Tidus and Auron against the Sinscales).
I managed to overcome the "Auron: Look!" crash though...

Anyway, first off hardware:
Nvidia 8800GT
2 GB or Ram
Athlon X2 64 6400+

I'm using the 1329 beta (because of the look bug) and the following plugins:
Sound: SPU2-X 1.1.0
DCD: Gigaherz's CDVD Plugin 0.7.0 or CDVD 0.1.0 (the only two that work...)

The problem I have however, seems closely related to the grafik plugin.
GSdx 1412 (SSE2 version) ran nicely, but gave me a bluescreen from after "We called it 'Sin'" FMV throughout the receiving of the sword, battle etc. -->Blue Screen of Death Sad

Now I am using the ZeroGS 0.97.1 plugin and it does not give me a bluescreen. However, thorughout the same place (sword, battle, etc) the program simply freezes or gives me the "program has stopped responding" Microsoft error with the following information:
AppName: pcsx2-beta-1329.exe AppVer: ModName: pcsx2-beta-1329.exe
ModVer: Offset: 000bb433

On a last note, I hope I am in the right (sub)forum, dind't find a more specific one, and that I didn't miss a thread in my search about the same problem.
If that is the case though, I'm very sorry.
I hope one of you can help me.

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Use the GSDX graphic plugin and try ...
My copy of everquest online adventures frequently froze on I made an image of the game instead and ran it directly. I'm new to this stuff as well, but you may want to give it a shot. Be sure not to mount the image with a virtual drive, instead use the Linuz ISO plugin to run it in pcsx2.

If not, I would mess around with the settings ZeroGS provides...if you're not sure where to start trial and error works!
(06-24-2009, 05:19 AM)GunGrave12 Wrote: Be sure not to mount the image with a virtual drive, instead use the Linuz ISO plugin to run it in pcsx2.
Any specific reason for that?

Also, chaning the graphics plugin back to GDSX helped and I reached the first saving point. However, a bit later the program gave me another bluescreen...?

Little update:
A later crash agve me ther following error:
AppName: pcsx2-beta-1329.exe AppVer: ModName: d3d9.dll
ModVer: 5.3.2600.2180 Offset: 000a4e72

Looks like it has to do with the graphics, eh?
Have you checked if your graphics card is overheating?
There is no reason NOT to run the game directly with linuz iso instead of mounting it (simplicity anyone?) but if you need one,running an iso with the plugin while it is mounted can cause crashes
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I just ran nTune in the background and played til crash (this time bluescreen with nv4_disp.dll as a reason).
The maximum tempature reached in the event log is 87° C, which doesn't strike me as high enough, but then, how knows?
Well the thermal regulation on Gpu's tends to be higher but some have issues starting about 90C
test it with other gpu demanding applications, something like the gpu benchmark of crysis e.g., with rather high graphics settings of course Wink
CPU Core [email protected] | GPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 | RAM 8GB DDR-3 1600MHz CL9 | OS Win7 Ultimate (x64) SP1
EMU PCSX2 v1.1.0 r5645 | GS GSdx SSE4 r5632 | SPU2 SPU2-X r5559 | PAD LilyPad r5403 | CDVD cdvdGigaherz r5403
Just ran Bioshock and Ghostbusters with both reaching a high of 93°C.
Yeah it's not critical high but high enough to cause problems...I suggest you clean the cooler of the gfx card and if you can up the cooler's RPMs through a program like rivatuner
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