Final Fantasy X: Freeze at Battle Intro
Hi! So thanks for the help in advance... I have just broken out my old Final Fantasy X game and started playing again. Everything went fine until the kilikka island sending cutscene which froze every time I tried it until I changed the clamp settings as was said in one of the posts on this forum. Now I have another issue where ever since High Road - South, I cannot get past the battle opening (the part where the glass shatters and you enter battle). I am able to see the characters and partially broken "glass" but the video freezes there every single time, while the sound continues on like normal. I have spent all day searching through threads and have tried everything suggested to no avail.

I have tried changeing all of the settings
I have tried turning cheats on and off
I have tried all different GS's
I have tried full boot, fast boot, and using save states
I have played from cd drive, disk image, and reburned the disk image again
I am currently using 0.9.8, but i have tried the newest beta build (pcsx2-5248-windows-x86) with all different settings configurations, and I have tried an older build 0.9.4 with some different settings configurations.
I have tried with fixes on and with them off
I have had no other issues prior to this or relating to the battles ever.
I have no speedhacks on, but I have tried them to see if they help anything.
I have used a save modifier to move me past High Road - South and to the end of it, but still the next battle I fight does the exact same thing.

My PC Specs are: Windows 7 64 bit
Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67 GHz
Nvidia Ge-force 250 GTS 512 Mb
I keep an even 60 fps while not boosted, and between 70 and 120 when boosted

The attached Log is from startup of pcsx2 all the way until the freeze
(from the save point at High Road - North, through seymores speach, to the first random battle that appears on the way to the command center)

Thanks again for any help!


Edit: Sorry, i just realized this is in the wrong section but I'm not sure how to move it to the General Discussions thread. My apologies!

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Hey, brother; the version is up to 1.0, now. Maybe try that. :-)

Your system is tougher than mine and I'm running it without problems. A bit of slow down during high-video events, etc., but it's nominal. At least I can still play it. :-)


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