Final Fantasy X Freezing
Whenever I hit square next to a blitzball player and am asked if I would like to hire the player or not, and I select "yes" it will bring up "for how many games? 01" and will just freeze then... I have hired players before and it has just recently started doing this. I have tried using the gamefixes to no avail. This occurs with any player I ask. It's almost as if the number selector isn't selecting the numbers in 01 (where its highlighted in yellow) and that's what is causing it to crash... I have no clue..

Anyway, any help would be great!! Thanks!

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first i have heard of a freeze in ffx there. maybe you could try setting the clamps to full/extra. try loading from mem card. if all else fails just use the save editor.
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Well, i'm not exactly sure what happened but i just loaded from a memcard save and it works now... I have no clue why it was doing that...
thanks for the reply though tank Smile

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