[Final Fantasy X] Game resolution fine but menu and subitles not
Hi i am having trouble with the resolution of the subtitles and menu. The "words" are not as sharp as the game play itself and lines appear - check screenshot i have no idea how to describe. Any idea what i should do?

[Image: menudd.th.jpg]
notice the lines around HP

[Image: gameplayg.th.jpg]
no problems at all during gameplay

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That's a result of hardware mode and upscaling/texture filtering. Native res, software mode or disabling texture filtering will probably fix that, but obviously overall graphical quality will suffer from this. It's been a while since I've spent any time with FFX, but I don't think there's anything you can do about it aside from that.
In general, fonts and other 2D elements just don't lend themselves well to scaling due to their nature.
you are right thanks but the gameplay suffered deeply. guess ill just stick with lines then. Thanks
I get those as well but its a small price to pay in my opinion. Playing the game at 4X or higher than native res is a wonderful thing.
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Emulation will never really be truly 100% perfect. This is just one of those small things you're gonna have to deal with.
In this particular case, the upscale is going beyond the emulation, actually. It's just a nice plus (with a price) Smile
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Surprises me how people are upset about the smallest things when your getting your game in HD high res.

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