Final Fantasy X - Graphics issues
Hey guys !
So I'm currently playing Final Fantasy X on pcsx2 and it works great, I played through the game at 60fps and really good quality without any major problem and I reached the kilika temple, and it's here that I notice something quite annoying, at some place the models of the characters ( tidus for example ) isn't as detailed as usual, here's some screenshot to prove it :

[Image: DIV7k4i.jpg]

[Image: WejnwP0.jpg]

You can clearly see the difference between both screenshots ( taken with the same settings ), for example at his arm the armor piece is all flat when it should be like this : [Image: BhQ8TYN.png]

So I was wondering, is there a way to fix this or is it just how the game is made ?

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It's just how the game was made. For all the main characters, there's one low-poly, one high poly version.

The high poly ones are usually only used during cutscenes where a lot of facial emotion is needed.

That's one thing I don't like about the HD Remaster, it doesn't replace the low poly models. >_>
The low poly models look flat, hollow, and lifeless.
Oh I see, that's quite sad especially if they don't replace it in the hd remaster, thanks for the reply though

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