Final Fantasy X High Def graphics Video Configuration
hi guys as the title says i wanna know how to config the ffx game in pcsx2... im a noob in pcsx2 and before i make this thread i read and do some research about configuring videos and sad to say i give up and still cant get the answer that i want. I made the game to run smoothly my only problem is the graphics.. i want at least to be at its best like what i seen on youtube videos regarding ffx 16:9 hack... the problem is i cant make to switch the MCAA to FXAA (they said u press pageup from your keyboard in the game) i did that but nothing happens also my GS automatically goes to AVX i dont know if because of this thats why i cant get the best graphics cause i remember before i played it on SSSE3. im really confuse now what is the best setting that i should do

heres my specs:

CPU : AMD FX 8350 8core processor ~4.00ghz
operating system : windows 7 ultimate x86
memory : 8gb RAM (3.25gb usauble)
graphic card : AMD Radeon HD series 6700 sapphire vapor x

i dont know also maybe because my graphic card (4 years ago) is outdated thats why i cant get that HD graphics on FFX cause even on pc specs im also newbie , i only download PCSX2 again for FFX purpose thats why i really wanna have some help with this.. Hope someone lend me a hand thanks guys

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Are u running pcsx2 1.2.1? if so then go to plugin selector screen. click on gs plugin and a menu will be displayed. click on gsdx plugin configure button. in the configuration screen u can see fxaa option is displayed. click to enable it.
also uncheck native and from scaling option select 2x or 3xnative option to play in hd.
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