Final Fantasy X International Crashing at an UNUSUAL Spot
I'm at the part RIGHT before we first get on the airship at the Al Behd base and there's a lot of snippets of cutscenes.

The game has been no trouble at all to be until this point, going at 99% all the time. Suddenly here its got a little bit of static and the speed dropped ~10%, but that was fine as well. Suddenly though, when Dona starts talking the graphics would get VERY crazy and then finally crash.

It shouldn't be my rom because its not always the same spot- at one point I got past Dona by playing around with the Frame Skipping and then when Rikku starting talking it started doing the same thing only this time I couldn't bypass it using the frame skipping.

I also played around with the configuration (I switched from GSDx 0.1.14 to ZeroGs but neither one was really better than the other) and I also played around with the speed hacks, which also didn't do anything.

The worst part of FFX International is of course that I can't find any appropriate savestates online so basically I cannot continue with this game even if I skipped a portion.

Please help!!

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