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Final Fantasy X International: Kilika Boat freeze
Well I have found previous threads on this, such as this one

So I know it is a known bug. It happens on the boat during the cut scene with Yuna, when Tidus talks about Jecht. However the suggested fixes don't work for me.

Some info:

-I run off the memory card saves NOT the states
-I have tried every combination of clamping mode
-I tried replacing microVU with superVU

I am running out of ideas... Outside of finding someone with a save right after this scene (preferably with Expert Grid enabled). I am very open to a save file if anybody knows of one.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Just a wild guess but since you tried everything else: Your iso is broken
Try to remake your iso using imgburn.

If that doesn't work please upload the emulog after the hang happens.

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