Final Fantasy X: More Quality and best settings

I'm playing FFX with PCSX2 (latest beta) and it works quite well.
I currently use mostly the default settings with:
- DX11 Hardware
- 4x Scaling (Internal Res default@1024x1024)
- Sound: 50ms latency

I have the following issues:

Is it possible to get better quality from my graphics card without stressing the CPU more? I currently have EE at 60-70% and GS only at 20-30%. Specs: C2D [email protected]; GTX470; 8GB RAM

Can I set the sound latency even lower than 50ms? It know works without a problem, but I think it is still a little bit out of sync.

I have the FFX bug that sometime the characters are facing in the wrong direction. I've read that changing the clamp mode or changing the round mode will fix that, but which of that is best (for fixing the bug and performance wise)?
And can I somehow make that permanent for FFX only, so that I don't have to change it again when playing other games?


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1) Try using 5x or 6x scaling? It's an option in the latest public beta. Shouldn't really affect CPU usage all that much.
1. Do note that while most spots of the game won't push your graphic card, setting the scaling to 5-6x could cause slow downs on certain spell/summon effects. You can also try turning on anti-aliasing in the later GSDx versions.

2. You can set it as low as you like as long as it's not causing any sound issues for you. You can also try changing the syncing options.

3. Play around with the rounding modes and simply see which ones work and which don't Wink. If you want per game settings, you're going to need a front end for the emulator... There is one in the off topic section of the forum I believe.

Thanks for the answers!

I've tried your suggestions and have a few remarks:

I don't see a difference between high scaling and AA. I think high internal resolution (greater than screen resolution) results downsampling, and 4Ki*4Ki to 6Ki*6Ki compared to my screens 1920*1080 has already a decent AA-like effect.

I was thinking more of graphical enhancements like AF to make the textures sharper or something that fixes the text display (only in native res all texts are fine; would using a multiple of the native res help? And what is the native res of FFX?)

Well, the problem is, I can't set it as low as I like as the slider has a minimum of 50ms.

I set the rounding modes to negative (I editet the game database file and I can see that it is applied on startup). So far it seems to work (although with some monsters it is hard to figure out where there front side is Laugh )

New/non FFX:
I've seen screenshots where there is much more information in the title bar of the game than I have. E.g. I don't have information about the current interlacing filter or the resolution.
Is this version specific or is there a config where I can configure it?

1: This is basically correct. High internal resolution (above screen resolution) is a type of AA (FSAA, Full Scene AA, versus most hardware AA these days which is MSAA, Multi-sample AA). Forced AF in your video driver settings will effect PCSX2, but it will only have so much effect since the textures are (relative to today's games) low resolution. As for problems with the text... not sure what you mean. If they look bad it may be the texture filtering... Try setting it to unchecked (no filtering) or greyed (filter only model textures). This will make the font look more pixelated, but should fix any graphic oddness from filtering. Scale (2-6) automatically uses a scaled up version of the default resolution. It won't likely fix any issue with 2d effects... It more fixes graphic bugs related to certain effects (ghosting, mirroring, etc)

2: Again, did you try changing the sync options or even disabling time stretching? Time stretching should only really be necessary if you're running the game too fast/too slow.

3: ... well... nothing to add to this anymore Wink

4: Older versions of the emulator/GSDx had different information.
and do not enable 8bit textures on this game, you'll rape your frame rate Tongue2

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