Final Fantasy X PAL: Cheats that make the game harder?
I've seen a few cheats out there that actually rebalance games like Final Fantasy X. I was, however, disappointed to see no PAL versions of these cheats. Plus, I wasn't sure if Final Fantasy X Punishment even worked with Pcsx2, as it wasn't a .pnach file.

I've tried searching around here and online, but I was wondering if anyone has seen a .pnach file that goes as far as to rebalance and increase the difficulty of Final Fantasy X (PAL version).

The only cheats I use fall in the category of making the game easier, I suppose, though I use them more for convenience and for limiting the more annoying aspects of FFX (setting dodged lightning to 199, maxing out Tidus' Blitzball level, and making the game think all characters have acted in battle). These just serve to decrease the amount of my life this game wastes (which is still a lot).

However, I would genuinely like to experience this game with more difficulty, with enemies rebalanced to deliver more of a challenge. Back in the day, FFX was only hard the first time around. Especially once one gets older, even fights that used to pose a challenge are trivial at best. So far, I've never felt that I was in danger of being defeated. The most an enemy has been able to do was make me feel inconvenienced. I'm at the Djose Highroad and have not yet even seen a party member get K.O.ed yet. I understand that it is at this point the difficulty does begin ramp up somewhat (I remember when I first played the game, the Sinspawn boss during the operation was the first boss to make me lose multiple times--but on subsequent playthroughs was hardly a challenge), but I don't foresee any real challenge coming from the main game. Perhaps the endgame content (which I admit to never really fully experiencing). But I understand even that can be kind of underwhelming.

Mainly, though, I just want the main game to offer up some more surprises, so if there are any cheats (anti-cheats?) that can offer that for the PAL version, I'd like to try them.

Thank you for your time.

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Meanwhile you may want to try the utility called FFXED (search it at the Tools/Applications/Homebrew section of the forums under the Off Topic).

It allows you to edit FFX save games in Memcards (although needing to extract them and then reinserting, instructions and necessary tools at the page).
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