Final Fantasy X PAL issue
Hello, I am having a problem with the game with bosses and the middle row character standing backwards. This has been solved before in other threads changing the clamping settings and other options that are in the VU/EEs.

I have tried all clamping options and all round mode options in both menus & disabled VU stealing, etc... but it doesn't fix the bug. I don't know if I have to restart the game to see the bug being fixed but I haven't seen this bug happen since the very start of the game.

I guess I'm just asking if I should continue on my way throughout the game and not worry about it. It only became a problem at Yunalesca because when I tried to use Auron's overdrives he continuously runs off the map thus causing me to have to restart or load another save state.

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You probably have to restart the game and load from a real save for it to take effect. If you cant fix it it does not brake the game, I had this problem in one of the older versions and I had no problems.
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Ok, thanks! I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't have any further problems even if it wasn't fixed.
Try to play around with the clamping modes in the emulation settings.
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Use Extra/Preserve Sign or Full. It's the other options that cause the problem.
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