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Final Fantasy X Paradise
(04-10-2009, 01:19 PM)FFX Wrote: Omg, What are you talking about, the people in the videos are`nt using pnatches or cheats, and neither do I.
I just said you can use it to make the game harder.
You are just jelous because you cant beat the game with spheregrid.

And do you consider making the game harder as cheating? I asked about removing 2 of the 3 characters in Battle party to just beat the game with one char. Its been done.

Dear FFX,

I'm sorry to be so late replying, but i wanted to be sure about a lot of things i didn't know before to read your posts here.
Let's starts from the bad news: You're completely wrong about one thing, peoples playing in these videos was cheating a lot.
They enabled everything they can, and i think isn't worth to play so.
I mean, they don't use grid sphere but, at the same time, they enabled a mountain of cheats to raise strenght/defence/items of their characters/Aeons.
This isn't what i call worth playing.

But, well, i taked a look around and i found out FFX can be played in a lot of different ways, icluded the NSG mode (for very advanced users).
You was eason on this and i'm happy to confirm it, as much as sorry to have said it wasn't true.

My only minds about it is... How much time it need to play so a game?
I Love videogames: my collection include wichever console released (including Atari VCS, 3DO and Philips CD-I).
To safe space in my room i use emulators, but lately even in this way i'm fastly running out of space.
In this period i noticed it'll be released a new episode of Assassin Creed, but i haven't yet played the first (Even if i own 2 version of the game: PS3 and PC)!!!
I still haven't time to play Uncharted on PS3. And i feel sick if i don't finish Dragon's Lair on PS3 at least one time in a week...
So, how much time i'm supposed to dedicate to a great game as Final Fantasy X...?!? (I almost forgot to say i didn't yet played FFXII *sob*)

As i said, the more satisfaction you get playin' a game it's surely the best way to play it.
But i dunno if i'll ever wait my characters to reach 200 strenght points, or 70 luck points, etc. etc.
And, after all, isn't a big challenge to play with characters with Auto-Phoenix or Auto-Haste... Even if we usr it to slaught the Dark Aeons.

But that's only my opinion. I'm glad you choose this thread for post your opinions, since i was allowed to read them.
Let's have fun my friend, after all, we're here for this. Don't you?

The Undertaker

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so is "Dark Aeon" available for FFX International Version? If yes, then where can I buy it? and is this INternational version in English?!?
(04-11-2009, 10:33 PM)agentghost Wrote: so is "Dark Aeon" available for FFX International Version? If yes, then where can I buy it? and is this INternational version in English?!?

Yes, Dark Aeons are in FFX Iternational (My version is the EUR-PAL).
And yes, this version is in English.

About where you can buy it... It's hard to say...
I bought in 200x (I don't remember). I bought firstly the USA ver. then the PAL ver. and finally this International.
Lately it should be available at least the Platinum Edition.
Or you can find it in re-sell (Well, it should be not legal to re-sell games but...) for a very low price.

Nothing else i can say here, except... well... the game's distribution ended in 2007, if i'm not wrong... =)
The Undertaker
04 18 2009
Save updated.
If you're interested go in the 1st page to read what's new.

The Undertaker
Not today, since you'll see this post in the new posts list... but in the next days... this post'll become a little secret in this thread.

Posting my last save i done some noobs errors.
Yuna haven't her Celestial Weapon since i forgot to do the Destruction Sphere thing in two temples (Sob!!!): Besaid and Macalania.
The problem is, waiting out for the temples there's two bad ass: Dark Valefor and Dark Shiva.
So, here the save that allows you to beat them WITHOUT using Yojimbo's Zanmato.
I'll not talk about strategies to defeat Dark Aeons: This is up to you to find. I'm sure you'll find a way.

This save it's the same of the one in the first page, except Omega (from Omega ruins) died. Bahamut was hungry, and i haved nothing to eat... so i let him to eat Omega. He's fine now. =)

You'll have still to unlock Nemesis. To beat ALL Dark Aeons. To slash Penance (More simple to say than to do...). To find the last two Celestial Weapons.

About Yuna's Celestial Weapon: To have it you should defeat Dark Valefor and Dark Shiva. Then do what you must do to obtain Moon Sigil from Belgemine. Defeating the two Dark asses i just named will allow you to unlock the 2 lasts hidden Aeons: Anima and Margus Sister.

About Margus Sister: they have a great turbo, but are useless in the rest.
But... well, Anima is a great addition to the party... and i don't see the hour to put my hands on her.

So, if you read the thread until here. And you was searching for a savestate in wich nothing it's been done but it is all up to you...
Welcome in your paradise... You just found a little secret in the vaste sea of pcsx2 Forum.

The Undertaker
"Death waits for no Dark Aeons (Expecially Valefor and Shiva)"

.zip (Size: 118,52 KB / Downloads: 107)
A good way to get full satisfaction from this game is to make strong Aeons.
So many Kottos died while i was trying to make my Aeons powerful...

I find something on Internet that can be useful.
After all not all peoples here can dedicate a lifetime to grown up their Aeons... And it's also useful to learn something magic about pcsx2.

Here the link:

Hope you'll enjoy.
The Undertaker
"Death waits for no... Kottos"
As result of the gameplayin'... I'm proud to show ya some videos... Showing how a VGMonster defeats Dark Aeons.
All are perfect battles.
Perfect battle it means no one in the party can die.
You can turn around the Whole Youtube, there's no other videos with this feature. No deaths in the party.
And, as isn't enough, if you summon an Aeon then this Aeon must defeat the Dark Aeon.

Here's the videos:
Dark Valefor -
Dark Ifrit -
Dark Ixion -
Dark Bahamut -
(This video is cutted down, since a perfect battle with DBahamut it's almost 2 hours long... But you can easily understand the strategy of the battle watchin' this video)

I'll upload soon Dark Yojimbo, Dark Anima and Dark Shiva.
Aboout the Dark version of Magus Sisters... I'm not sure it's possible to defeat them in a perfect battle...
We'll see...

The Undertaker
Ps- So many, fluffy, adorable Kottos died while i was powering up my Aeons... R.I.P. Fluffies... Rest. In. Peeeace. XDDD

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