Final Fantasy X Savestate or .ps2 Savegame needed
Hello Folks,

i would need a savestate or PS2 Savegame for Final Fantasy X near Kilika Harbour, because i messed my computer. I tried to import a savegame to the .ps2 Memcard with mymc and it worked. But when i start a game i get the Info: "No FFX savegame is on Memcard 1.", so it doesn't work.

Please help a desperate player. Sad

Best wishes,

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I suspect your problem is that the save on your memory card is for the wrong version of FFX. Anyway, if you do get any FFX save that works, open it in FFXED and enter this data:
World Location     - 152
Room Position      - 1
Storyline Position - 302
It will send you to Kilika, after the sending scene.
great, thanks man. This one did it. Biggrin
You saved my day. Thanks again.

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