Final Fantasy X, backwards enemies & characters
Could I get a definitive answer on this please?  Just started the game and already had 3 instances where the enemy or char was facing the wrong way during battle, taking double damage(?) and looking rediculous.  Other threads (i read them all), say to change your EE round mode to nearest OR negative AND/OR change your clamping mode to extra OR full.  Can anyone tell me the settings need used in current version (1.40) of pcsx2 that fixes it, with the least slowdown and without saying and/or etc. and guessing.  Thank you

I read in the official guide that setting preset to 3 or 4 will "automatically" apply the needed clamping fix to games, I am guessing this is not true probably because I don't see it applied in console window.

It seems to me that it has to do with the camera angle during battle.

Does changes to round mode or clamping mode cause more slowdown?

I am going to figure this out and report back but in the meantime possibly someone knows the right config for this game (that causes least slowdown), thank you  Smile

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setting preset to 4 "agressive" did not work

EE round mode nearest did not work
Clamping mode extra did not work


I did not combine any of these effects.

another member posted that it will slow the game down a lot that EE negative might slow the game down alot in certain areas, so which one should I use? Thank you =)
Mine have never taken double damage from this, and it only occurs in boss fights.

What are your specs? This game is very easy to run.
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there are so many threads on this issue, have a look around and you'll find solutions to it
I was trying to clear up what works and what doesn't. Yeah I looked at those threads. But now it is cleared up because those threads were somewhat vague. I had to use trial and error because of that.

I have no problem at all running the game even with the changes in config

I wasn't sure or not if took double damage, normally you would if facing backwards
I have never seen this bug ins FFX how is so many people seem be effected?> i mean there is chance even on ps2 that you would get enemys face backward, but it is random chance of advantage
Could always be a different version of the game?
US release here, and unless you have really old and some really bad mobile cpu, there should be no slowdown in this game either. 3/4x opengl/DX11 etc

I have presets off and MTVU checked everything else is defaults
its an undub version, although I do own the game, cant stand the english voices in jrpg's... they ruin it for me
that could explain the problem, then.
if it does have a gamefix in the gaemdb, the recognition is made by the game CRC.
When applying your undub patch, you probably screwed this CRC
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