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Final Fantasy X black screen after blitzball scene
Hi every body,

I read a lot of topics in this forum on how to fix this issue.
I also followed this config:

and it's true the game runs better now (even though a little bit too speed, so I thought maybe I should reduce the fps to 55?)

So I have this config:
[Image: 5n0z.png]

[Image: ueq6.png]

[Image: keqw.png]

[Image: keqw.png]

[Image: xbal.png]

Speed Hacks
[Image: 8xnc.png]

[Image: 0e.png]

But the game still give a black screen (well...white screen) after the movie of blitzball game, what should I change?

Ps: also the pcsx2 windows disappears after I start the game, is it normal?

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