Final Fantasy X codebreaker's item modifier
Hi people, recently I have been messing with the .pnach file to enter some codebreaker codes from Most of the codes I have tried works, except for this Item Modifier codes that cause my Pcsx2 to crash whenever I click Run CD/DVD. The screen shot of the problem is the ones I attached. Please help me see if it is the code's fault or the emulator does not support this code.

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have you tried opening the patch after running the game?
yeah I normally have the patch file opened while I tried various cheat codes in game.
that's not what I meant:

open gui, disable patches, run FFX. hit esc. enable patches > run > execute

have you done this?
I tried just now, and it done the same thing as the first screen shot i posted. Giving me a black screen.
it's a bad code then
Disable patches and try ....FFX dont need patch...
Have fun.....for our Yuna....^_^...

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