Final Fantasy X, help please?
Hello everyone. I am new to the forums, and new to PS/PS2 era emulation (I have successfully used emulators for all older gen systems, so I am fairly familiar with the basics of emulation). However, I am discovering that trying to use PSXE2 is a whole different animal. The first game that I am trying to play on it is Final Fantasy X (one of my longstanding favorites), and I am getting heavy lag at certain junctures.

My laptop is not really optimized for gaming, so I realize that there may be a certain point of performance that I can never surpass. I was hoping that the community could provide me with some tips about how to make the most of what power I DO have, though. I am running Intel® HD Graphics (stock video card Sad ), on a laptop with 4 gigs of RAM, and an Intel P6200 (2.13 & 2.13) processor. Any advice on what plugins I should use, and what settings to use for them, to get the optimum performance that I am going to on this dinosaur machine? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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First of all its a Laptop meaning it will haetup faster. Make sure it doesn't heats up faster. Make sure your using PCSX2 0.9.8 r4600. Smile

GPU is not good. Intel Cards are not meant for gaming. Tongue2

Some things to try :
  • Speedhacks
  • Set the Clamp modes to None and Round modes to nearest
  • Play the Game in NATIVE Resolution in GSDX.
  • (Important) Set the Power Plan to High Performance
  • Set the VU's : VU0 and VU1 to SuperVU Recompiler and tick Enable Auto Gamefixes in PCSX2 0.9.8. --> System.

This is all the help i can give you with that specs. Huh

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Yeah, I really need to find out what my options are for other cards I can stick in my motherboard are, but I am so ignorant about the hardware end of computing that I wouldn't even know how to find out the make on my motherboard, let alone what cards will fit in it, and what the best value option there would be. ~rolls eyes~ Thanks a ton for the advice. Would running it in software mode rather than hardware help, since it doesn't even DEAL with the video card at that point, or is my processor too weak to handle it?
software mode needs a VERY powerful CPU.
So, I guess it's not a good idea... Best case : won't change a singke thing.
Worst case : it'll be slower.
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(11-10-2011, 05:54 PM)jesalvein Wrote: software mode needs a VERY powerful CPU.
So, I guess it's not a good idea... Best case : won't change a singke thing.
Worst case : it'll be slower.

I am getting a new computer in a couple of months, anyway... I may just hold off until then. Thanks for the advice, everyone. I will make sure that I get a higher performance gaming machine next time around. This computer was really primarily intended as a workstation, rather than a gaming platform for graphics intensive games, but I saw that there was a PS2 emulator, and I couldn't resist. LOL
Get a good computer. Good Luck with that. Smile

jesalein Wrote:won't change a singke thing.
Whats singke. I guess it meant single Tongue2
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