Final Fantasy X problem
Hey everyone im trying to run FFX PAL (international) on my PC but im having a few problems and hope you can help.

First off i have the latest PCSX and plugins from the website and followed the noob tutorial to set it all up right. im running a i7 965 quad core 3.2ghz and dual GTX 295's in quad SLI, and 12gbs of ram i can pretty much run this game no problem.

Since i dont have my Ps2 anymore (no, im not a bloody thief ive purchased a playstation PSX ps2 ps2 slim and ps3 at different points in time not to mention a billion games so if sony gets butt hurt about me playing this on PC then meh)
i cant get the bios file from the ps2 so i looked up a few places and got ahold of a Bios for PAL its called SCPH-70004_BIOS_V12_PAL_200.bin (as i stated above i want to get a chance to fight the dark aeons and penance this time so im going for the PAL version). i placed this in the bios folder.

As for the game itself i went to and downloaded the PAL version which was 4.something gigs. the files inside the folder are .IRX files mostly and 1 .IMG file. I tried putting the image file on daemon tools but it does not work. i tried running it through PCSX2 and again no avail. this is where im stuck

my question is what am i doing wrong with the game file and what do i need to do with it to make it run in PCSX2? Ive got most of it set up i just need to figure this game file out.

thanks for your help

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you do realise that you'll probably get no answer and will be havily warned or banned?
as downloading a bios itelf is illegal no matter how many ps2s you've owned XD
Chicken is not Vegan?

Yeah but for obvious reasons i never take the online consequences of my actions too seriously.
fortunately for me i geuss my concept of fear extends a little beyond slaps on the wrist and being blocked from accessing a forum.
All i want is some info on how to get the game to work.
if anyone could help me i would be appreciate it.
thanks again
I could tell you how to run a normal iso on the emu but since you said things about piracy nope it's probably not gonna happen^^
(that and i don't know irx files Oo )

I can only tell you to stop pirating things and if after you cleansed your pc of piracy still got problems... google could help a lot
Chicken is not Vegan?

Quote:so i looked up a few places and got ahold of a Bios for PAL its called SCPH
read the rules
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Uh, it's easier (and much more reliable/safe) to buy the DVD itself and then make your own ISO backup of it; that way is legal so long as you don't distribute it to other people. Yes, I have downloaded torrents in the past, but, I'm starting to see how pointless and dangerous doing so can be.
read the part in my 2nd post where i stated i didnt really give 2 *****.
But if for whatever reason your burdened into looking for my rebuttal, let me do it again for your sake:

I dont give a *****.

kabooz, i love google but sometimes it fails me and makes me angry.
i cant find anything involving my problem most people post about in game problems for FFX
or what not. i was moving around forums last night looking for answers but none of them were
of any real help. when i asked around i usually got responses from really bright crayons like jesalvein
throwing the rulebook in my face as if that would somehow hinder me in looking for an answer.

Nintendo85, i no longer have my FFX game and even if i still did its the NTSC version im looking for the PAL which i cant even get here and i dont want to settle for NTSC. I guess if i get desperate i could cave in and go out and buy it somewhere but i really want the international version
the international is a ntsc version....
but it got the same content as the pal version
except for the language

and google speaks to me and says irx are modified ps2 ELF
which apparently is like an exe file on windows

and look on the bright side now you've got a rulebook imprint on your face <3
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NTSC is international as well?
i thought they didnt release it to north america.
I had a buddy who had to buy the mod chip or whatever for his ps2 and then buy the game off ebay to play it.
So if thats the case then im also gonna need to find a new bios if i get an NTSC version, id ask for help but i suppose as
PCSX2 forums dont support internet terrorism im SOL.
i just looked up if international is available in NTSC and several people have said its not
just for you information bios doesn't matter
for the game it matters because of legal issues

and japan hast NTSC-J
so all games released in japan are NTSC
if you know people who say different fine but it's easy to check with wikipedia for example
ah before you say something about the international not being in japanese the international version of FFX was released in 2002 (in january to be exact) JAPAN ONLY!!!
Chicken is not Vegan?


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