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Final Fantasy X problem
if bios dosent matter thats cool i dont feel like looking for another one.
yes i know japan has NTSC and i know the international version starts in japanese and you have to go to the config menu to change it to english.

But i still dont know how to make this game file work.
im gonna try and re download it maybe something messed up. Ill try and burn it to a dvd when its done and pop it in and see what happens

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You'll have to understand that the support ends here.

As I saw I don't think ur a noob who can't read a Faq or would buy crap. Also I belive you that u did buy a ps2, slim what ever.

But. That doesn't matter. Rules are made for a reason. We have here rules for a certain reason.

Accept it. Maybe u'll find a way to get it to work. Fine then.

Good Luck.
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Quote:just for you information bios doesn't matter
for the game it matters because of legal issues

not really, as if you don't dump your bios from your own PS2, it's illegal too.

Quote:So if thats the case then im also gonna need to find a new bios

Thus, that would mean you would have to buy a new PS2 with an NTSC bios.

Quote:read the part in my 2nd post where i stated i didnt really give 2 *****.
But if for whatever reason your burdened into looking for my rebuttal, let me do it again for your sake:

I dont give a *****.

As you like... But don't come and ask for support on an official forum then.
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Sorry but we do give a *****. You should also give a ***** since by posting at our forums you agree to abide by our rules,which you did not.
Warned and thread closed
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