Final Fantasy X problems, Dont finding answer
Hello guys,

I know there's somme guys that already ask the question here :

But i can't get through it ....

The problems is that, bosses that comes after a cut scene aren't facing me in the battle ... (hmmm don't know if it's understandable ..) In fact, during the battle, the boss turn his back to me ...

I read that i'm supposed to fix that by changing my Clamp mode options and round mode options, i try to put then on extra +++; and then none, and others options ... but it still don't work ...

My pc spec :

CPU : Intel core 2 duo p8600
Graphic card : NVidia Geforce 9650 GT

i got no problems to run the game, i'm already in kilika, but the bosses issue is really anoying to me, and i really want to fix it ... So if someone can guide me ... i'll be thankfull to him.

My Pcsx Config :

Thanks Smile

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First, use the 1888 beta of PCSX2:
Then try changing round mode to negative or nearest (don't remember which is it)
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THANK you Laugh

Whaouw, it's negatif round mode wich work Laugh

So if you want to play FFX perfectly, just try my settings with the '2nd' round mode set to negativ.

I don't know if it is here i'm supposed to post, but i got some ingame problems.

I'm around the djose temple, and i experience some new probs i didn't have before. Sometimes, when i do something, like talking to someone, or entering in a new place, or things like that, the games just stop, the screen freeze (seems the sound still work) and then i'm not able to do anything, i tryed to save and then reload, but then the screen turn black and nothing else.

So i don't really know what to do since i just don't know where the prob could come from ...

So if someone got an idea ... it's just soo boring to reload from a previous point and do all the way again ...

The 1st time i notice this was when i go to djose temple, just before the stones begins to float around the temple, i reload from previous saving game, and then the problem there was gone. So it just come out irregularly so i can do nothing to evoid it and i really don't want to save each 30 sec ...

So thanks in advance for help Smile
dont use save states 2 much. better play with your mem card saves
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and i don't think i use much the seve states, just to skip the credit and direct go to load screen

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