Final Fantasy X slow sometimes during certain events
First thing here is my specs:

Intel Core i5 M540 (2.53Ghz)
Nvidia NVS 3100M

Im currently running with no speed hacks on,

GSdx 3693 (SSE41): Renderer: Direct3D10, D3D scaling is at 2x, texture filtering is on

EE/IOP, clamping mode full

and thats pretty much it. everything seems to run well most of the time, however whenever I cast fire on an enemy all of a sudden fps drops immensely then goes back to normal when the fire effect is gone, is there anyway to prevent this from happening? will a speed hack work? im guessing anything that is graphic intensive will slow it down. i even tried going to native mode, casted fire again and it still was very slow. anyway to fix this?? thanks a lot

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Try using the "native" checkbox in GSdx maybe enable/disable "allow 8-bit textures" but that's pretty much it, you have a weak graphics card and in fact using D3D9 (Hardware) or a software renderer could be faster.
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