Final Fantasy X - to fast..
Hi folks!

I have a question - I can't solve the problem with my FFX FPS - there are moments, when it begins to run very fast - to fast. Don't know how much FPS I got, but audio and video are going to fast Tongue Is there a solution to slow it down? Maybe limitting the FPS would do the trick? How can I achieve that? Need to add that it happens mostly when I'm in a small location with small number of characters, it also happens watching in-game movies (not those nice vids).

C2D E7200@3000
4GB DDR2@800
HD4850 512MB
OS: Win7

PCSX2 0.9.7 with the most up-to-date plugins.
GS: GSdx 2404 (SSE2 or 3).

I need help, i'd appreciate ur time Smile

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(02-21-2010, 05:03 PM)jurcio6 Wrote: [...]Maybe limitting the FPS would do the trick?[...]

Sure, that's the joke of this function^^. Just press F4 while playing until the frame limiting mode "limit" is selected. Or you go to "configure", "Cpu" and set it to limit there.
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He's using an 0.9.7 alpha revision. We give no support for that. Press tab, that should do it but we won't take further inquiries about it.
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