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Final Fantasy XII (12) blurry cut-scenes
hi guys, first let me tell you i did used the search but couldn't find anything for ff12 only for ff10

and yes i do know about the skip draw hack, and the other hacks

i also don't really have a problem thats ways i'm putting this up on this section, sorry if its wrong

i'm just wondering if anyone of you knows of a way to get rid of the ghost-like effect on final fantasy 12 cut-scenes, i tried different "levels" of skip draw with and without the other two hacks, but nothing works, the blur is really annoying, specially because i'm running the game at 1080p

while in ffx skipdraw at 1 does the trick here it does nothing, any solutions?
E8400 @ 3.2GHz - 8800 GT @ stock - 4GB DDR2 800 [actual: 3.5GB with PAE] - WinXP PRO 32bit SP3
[Image: 133779.png]

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I always play FF12 at native and there's no ghosting, MAYBE try the offset or alpha hacks, but I can't say much about if it'll work.
native is not an option, i really want to play it at high res

besides, i know this is a scaling problem, but i thought maybe there's a solution like in ff 10

i tried both hacks in different setups and none did anything... wasn't there an offset hack in which he could tell how many X and Y pixels we wanted to offset? or was that replaced by this new offset hack?

i remember being able to fix some effects with it, like SotC light and shadow or am i making stuff up?
E8400 @ 3.2GHz - 8800 GT @ stock - 4GB DDR2 800 [actual: 3.5GB with PAE] - WinXP PRO 32bit SP3
[Image: 133779.png]
I think that was removed and edited to the current one. just keep trying skipdraw up one at a time.

(native is my only real option, my CPU can't handle upscaling. Just for the record, I'm throwing out blind ideas, if they work, great, if not idk)
and i thank you nonetheless, i've just tried up to 30 and haven't seen any changes at all

but i found something else, that might be a bug of some sort, in the cut-scene i'm testing there's a graphical glitch from gsdx, probably the only one still remaining on ff12, which are the shadows, in it the shadow is replaced by really large black squares, this is actually normal, what i found is that if i interrupt the rendering, change some settings and resume it the squares either go away or suffer changes, in fact just stopping and resuming seems to provoke changes

i'm using dx9 though, so i don't know how it behaves on dx10/11 (i gonna try it later)

here are some screens in 1600x900, no hacks, no FBA or 8-bit textures:
normal play:
[Image: ff12before.png]

after escaping and resuming:
[Image: ff12after.png]
E8400 @ 3.2GHz - 8800 GT @ stock - 4GB DDR2 800 [actual: 3.5GB with PAE] - WinXP PRO 32bit SP3
[Image: 133779.png]
eek spoliers! (I knew that part already lol)

well, at least it works that way
hey... what's your keyboard control configuration? hehe ^^

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