Final Fantasy XII Config
Enclosed are snippets of my system configuration as well as PCSX2 current configuration. I've checked the basic troubleshooting guides at the top of the forum as well as searched out a few threads of this subject so forgive me for the redundancy of questions. I've tried suggestions back and forth but to no avail.

Furthermore I do apologize. As far as I can tell my laptop is running a standard Intel graphics card, nothing high end. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and am running PCSX2 1.2.1 with ISOS not my DVD's (old ASUS laptop, DVD drive acts kind of squirrely).

I do understand there's no way (especially with as low end of a laptop as I have) to run this game 100% smoothly but I'm certainly trying to fine tune it as best as I can. The prologue loads fine, along with the PS2 startup sounds (with the exception of the white PS2 logo), as well as enter/exit screens in-game with FPS between 58-60 in all cases. It's when I'm making menu choices via menu or item shop, as well as areas with a lot of enemies and characters, and in battle speed that the FPS drops below to anywhere between 30 and 40 with as low as 20-25 in some rare cases.

Open to suggestions and trial and error.

Disclaimer: please do forgive me for the current settings of the program. I was troubleshooting other threads to see and left it alone after that. I started with the defaults and adjusted based on situation.

Thanks in advance and any help is welcome.


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plug laptop in, and set it to max power in power scheme, but i dont think there be much you can really do. The STP on that cpu is only 810, you could check out the guide in my sig
I have a decent laptop processor, an i5 2520m, and even that gets poor fps on most games. That processor can turbo up to 3.2GHz and yours is only 1.7GHz. PCSX2 needs a faster processor than that unfortunately.
set EEcycle rate to 3, will cause issues, but "might help" with 3d
Under Graphical setting set software render threads to 2
Experiment with software and HW rendering, and with EE setings
Msi GF-62VR
Intel  core i7 7700hq @2.8(3.5ghz turbo) Nvidia 6gig GTX1060 16 gigs DDr5   windows 10
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With an stp of 1200 I had similar slowdowns in menu and could solve them by ee cycle rate hack. As your cpu is much weaker I would guess you will not get good speed.

What you can try is ssetting the ee cycle rate hack above the allowed value in the GUI. You need to open pcsx2_vm.ini and change the ee cycle rate hack to 4 or 5 or something like that. Just test whatever works nicely.
I would as well test to set vu clamping to none.

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