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Final Fantasy XII Controller issue - pulling my hair out
So, I've been playing Final Fantasy XII and ran into a few hiccups here and there, sorted them all myself (been emulating with Dolphin for a bit, too, and they seem to work pretty similar as far as how it handles settings) and I'm cruising through the first real dungeon the game dumps you into, suddenly I can't open my menu or access my map anymore.

After poking around online and on here a bit I found out that it's a region issue with FFXII (playing the US version) and the game seems to have issues with some controllers, something to do with models with A in the serial number.

So, my question is, anyone know of any way around this? Or a way to switch to a different controller model? I've been looking around for a different input plugin, but they all seem to use the same one as none of them work.

I started this game years ago and never got to finish it, I'm about to the point I was at before and I've spent the last 5 hours or so grinding in a dungeon (love the job system this game has) and I'm at my wits end trying to fix this. Please tell me I haven't dumped 12 hours into a save file I'm going to have to lose. Ugh. Lol. Any help would be appreciated. Until I can get this working, again, I guess I'll start another game.

Such a fantastic game, it sucks that there's issues like this with it. Had I known this was going to be a problem I would have started with a different region disc. Another question, if anyone happens to know the answer, can I use save data off a memory card with a different region disc? I would assume not.

Here's a Gamefaqs question somebody posted about the same problem on the original hardware if anyone's interested in reading more about it:

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I have never heard of this at all. PCSX2 doesn't care about the actual real controller you are using, the games inside couldn't tell if it was a 360 controller, a flight stick, or a DS2.

What input plugins have you tried?
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I'm actually playing with a keyboard (works pretty well with IJKL on right stick, just use R3 to swing the camera behind me and you're usually good to go, numpad for d-pad) it doesn't have anything to do with that I would think. My guess is the input plugin just so happens to me modeled around one of the A model controllers. Just my luck.

Lilypad is the one I'm currently using (have the game running windowed tweaking things trying to fix it right now haha) and I'm getting ready to try out Pokopom and SSXPSX to see if they work any better. Fingers crossed lol. I also downloaded a different version of Lilypad just for shiggles to see if it works.

Edit: Older version of Lilypad seems a no-go as I can't even assign keys for some reason. Not sure what's up with that, just beeps at me when I try

Edit2: SSXPSX seems to work fine, but I can't assign the joysticks to the keyboard on this one :/ They're only x/y variables. So it's a problem with the latest version of LilyPad, at least we know that. I'll update again if I can figure out how to get the older version to let me assign keys so anyone else that has this issue can fix it.
Update: Switching to Twinpad fixed the entire problem, finally! So stoaked. Thanks for the checking the thread out at least, Blyss. I posted this mostly because I saw a few threads on here where people were having the same problem and nobody could fix it. I'm using 0.8.3 of the input plugin.
Well it's good there is a working solution at least.
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Actually i was playing godhand and the enemies occassionally grab you and to escape you have to shake the L analog stick. Since i am using keyboard, i find it pretty hard to do it. Is there any way to set one key(Say "Q") to do that? I mean multiple bindings for a single key?
Like the key Q can have both the controls for L-stick left and L-stick right so that when I press Q it alternates through both the controls and gives the result of a "shaking L analog stick". Is it possible? If it isn't then, is there any other way to achieve the same ?
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