Final Fantasy XII Crashing random!
Hi guys, first i wanna apologize for my bad english, i'm french.
So here's my problem : I'm playing FF12 PAL FR throught pcsx2 -r1888 beta. The game runs really well by 50 fps in game. But (there is always a but^^), when i'm in game menu (the one where you can equip your people for example) the game start being very very slow. The game also crash after 20 minutes of game in general.

Here's my PC config (it's a laptop)

OS : Windows 7 64bits
CPu : Intel Core 2duo P8400 2.26 Ghz
Memory 4Go DDR2
Graphic card : Nvidia 9600M GT 512 mo

And my PCSX2 Config


Thx for answers Wink

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about the 20 mn crash, I would call it an overheating laptop.

AFAIK, menus aren't slow in software mode (F9 key)
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Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
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RAM : 16 Go
Yeah check your CPU and GPU temps. Also set GSdx to DX10 Hardware renderer.
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Thanks for your answers.

I try software mode : the game look ugly, but it's running slow in menu (i can do a video to explain the problem if you want).
I try DX10 Hardware: it makes the game just a little slower that in DX9, but no difference in menu.
About checking GPU & CPU temperature, what soft do i have to use for ?
#5 for temperatures.
Disable 8 bit textures in GSdx that should help in menu speed.
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Disable 8 bits textures works fine for menu speed Smile
I'll take a look a CPU temp in game to see if it's link to crash.

Hi Again, i make a few try, and the game is still crashing randomly (sometimes ingame, others during cut scene). I check the CPU temp : it's 70°C (around 130°F i think) while the max temp of CPU is 105°C / 220 °F ...
Any idea on how to fix it ?
Yeah above 70C the temperature is critical. Make sure your laptop fan is working properly (clean it), or get an additional stand cooler
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Hi again : I buy an external cooler for my laptop (something like that ) The temp of CPU is now around 60C max) But the game is still crashing ... Don't you think it can be something else ?
Hmm that's very strange.
Make sure that:
1)All speed hacks are disabled (EE sync hack must be to default 1x)
2)Run the game from an ISO using Linuz ISO
3)GSdx has vsync off and DX10 hardware

If none of the above work, try using some older plugins.
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